High Performance Shared Service Center (HPSSC)Shared Service Center

A shared service center is a centralized organization within a company responsible for the execution and the handling of specific internal operational tasks, such as procurement, accounts payable, human resources, payroll, IT, legal, compliance, security, facilities, logistics and others, across business units, divisions and departments.   Shared service centers normally handle contacts and transactions within the company from employees, vendors, and service providers and therefore usually have little contact from customers and clients. 

A shared service center is often the result of consolidation of remote groups handling similar functions, transactions, and responsibilities within a multi-unit company.  


Shared service centers are deployed for a variety of reasons:

  • to increase the quality and professionalism of support services,
  • to increase cost flexibility for supporting services,
  • to create a higher degree of strategic flexibility,
  • to increase consistency of services,
  • to reduce costs.

The data, information, and transactions processed by the shared service center can be recorded within a centralized system, tracked, analyzed and acted upon by the organization to improve service, operations and profitability.

Shared service centers normally utilize a sophisticated computer system that can handle many types of customer interaction channels, such phone, email, chat and instant messaging.  These types of systems can route customer contacts to the next available representative capable of provide needed services. Also, these systems may interface with company computer databases to provide self-help opportunities through an interactive voice response unit or website.

A High Performance Shared Service Center is an operationally excellent contact center based on best practices design for management and support consistency with full command and control capabilities over all Share Service Center operations with standard reporting and management metrics.  A High Performance Shared Service Center uses effective implementation of CRM, contact channels, service technologies and processes to improve service and make the most of the shared service experience.

The LCI team can provide the experience and support you need to understand your challenges and develop a realistic strategy and action plan to transform your current center into a customer-centric, High Performance Center.  Click this link to view LCI's HPC Solution paper.

LCI can design Customer Support processes and functions into the Shared Services Strategy and implement an HPSS Center.