HealthCare Services360- PayerMember Services Contact Center

Capture Your Investment in Exchanges by Transforming Your Member Services Contact Center

With our HealthCare Services360 Payer solution, LCI can assist you to rapidly transform your Member Services contact center function into an Operational Excellence Center. 

LCI's HCS360 Payer includes:

Operational Readiness – Tactical preparation for increased service demand from exchanges and expanded Medicare Membership increases. Deliverables include: Business Process, Agent Training and High Level Technical Requirements, and a Business and Technical Roadmap.

Exchange Demographics – Capture and utilize voluntary demographic data on new ACA driven Members to focus outreach efforts and personalize interactions on this little understood Member segment.  Deliverables consist of: Focused on retention of exchange & expanded Medicaid channel Members, Provide analytic data on new Members to begin personalizing relationships based on the Member’s level of engagement and cost of care early in the Member lifecycle.

Member Engagement Management – Makes interacting with the payer easy.  Understand and optimize a customer’s journey when they attempt to interact with a plan’s organizations, processes and infrastructure. Deliverables include: Current state enterprise customer experience key findings, Voice of the Customer (VOC) program recommendations,  Future state contact center experience & enterprise experience, and Online & social future state experience.

Customer Intelligent Contact Center – Operationalizes Customer Intelligence (CI) to personalize interaction handling treatments to improve the customer’s experience.  Utilizes CI to customize and personalize Member interactions early and often to improve Member intimacy, satisfaction and retention. Deliverables are: Messaging & interaction treatments based on individual customer needs, Caller & need based Agent interaction scripting, Interaction personalization early & often, and a Technology roadmap

Customer Care Technology – Is a broad capability and includes technical execution of customer care technologies identified in roadmaps of advisory project phases.  System integration and implementation are core to this component.  Deliverables include: Execution on technology initiatives identified in advisory components of the solution, and extension of  customer intimacy with a 360 degree view of the customer and a rich set of data for each customer and interaction.

LCI can participate at any stage of a client’s Member engagement effort. 

HCS360 Payer helps a Plan’s Member Services contact center:

  • Tactically plan for the increased demand and changing support needs
  • Strategically shift to a more consumer oriented service strategy
  • Optimize service operations and utilize best practices from consumer industries to engage, personalize and streamline Member interactions

Typically the Provider Services Center is a major stakeholder in these projects since they normally share infrastructure with Member Services Center and LCI can work with Provider Services to help leverage benefits from process and/or equipment improvements.  

The LCI team can provide the experience and support you need to understand your challenges and develop a realistic strategy and action plan to transform your current Member Services center into a customer-centric, High Performance Center.  Click this link to view LCI's HCS360 - Payer Solution paper.

LCI can utilize our HCS360 Payer Solution to design Member Service processes and functions into a High Performance Center and help capture your investment in Healthcare Exchanges.