Customized Training Topics - Front Line Employees and Leads

Customer Contact Skills - This session starts with a discussion of “Your Customer” and identifying the characteristics of customers and their needs, and includes Contact Center Attitude and Approach, Effective Listening, Language Skills, How to Deal with Difficult Customers, and Stress Management Techniques.

Fundamental Knowledge and Skills for the Front Line – This session includes:

  • The Contact Center Profession - the vital role your contact center plays in your organization, as well as the bigger picture of contact centers in general.  
  • Performance Measurement – what is measured every day in terms of the contact center’s overall performance as well as individual performance.  The contact center’s performance goals in terms of service and efficiency in support of the company’s overall objectives and how they translate down into measures of their own performance.
  • Workforce Management – the basics of the workforce management process and the impact on service and cost of getting the “right” number of people in place to handle the contacts. Also included is an overview of the forecasting and scheduling process, how workforce schedules are created, and the impact that just one person can make on service and cost.
  • Contact Center Technology - how the contacts arrived at the desktop and what the customer has experienced to that point in terms of IVR routing and messaging, self-service or sitting in the ACD queue, as well as what technologies enable the handling of contacts more effectively, the capabilities of all the technology at their disposal in terms of handling each contact (such as information provided, contact management, knowledge management), what the communications process is like for customers and the other technologies used “behind the scenes” in the contact center in terms of workforce management, quality management, CRM, customer surveys, workflow, and others.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Understanding the value of each and every customer contact, the impact on “customer lifetime value” and the critical role that each front line staff plays in customer retention and the bottom line. Included is a discussion of your CRM strategy, system and how that strategy affects contact handling.

Email and Online Chat Etiquette and Tips - This session will address the world of email and online chat communications, including customer expectations and their biggest complaints about these communication channels.  Learn about elements of an email and chat monitoring policy, monitoring approaches, and the most common writing mistakes made handling written communications.

Front Line Initial Training – Developed for your company.

Front Line Refresher Training - Developed for your company.

LCI can develop and conduct the training sessions or conduct “Train-the-Trainer” sessions with Clients internal training resources.