Customized Training Topics - Directors, Managers, Supervisor, Analyst and Support Staff

High Performance Center Management - Provides an “Overview of the High Performance Center" and introduces attendees to the component parts, infrastructure, systems, processes, metrics and performance factors that make up today's world-class contact center and how they relate to their contact center.

High Performance Center Processes – This session addresses the essential management and business processes that are fundamental to directing an inbound contact center, service desk, shared service center or customer service center.  Processes included are On Boarding/Off Boarding, Performance Management, Proactive Service Management, Workforce Management, Customer Interaction Management, Knowledge Management, Key Constituency Communications, and Service Continuity.

Supervisor and Leadership Skills – Covers both the Employee Management side of contact centers and the Operations aspects with detailed discussions on practices, processes, systems and technology.  The Employee Management tract includes organizational structure, recruiting and hiring, staffing alternatives, training and performance management, and workplace design.  The Operations Management tract includes inbound contact routing and metrics, ACD and reporting, call forecasting, staffing, scheduling, customer relationship management (CRM), workflow, contact center technologies/systems (IVR, WFM, OM, CTI, etc.)

Work Force Management – This session begins with the basics of the workforce management process and the impact on service level and cost of getting the “right” number of people in place to handle the contacts at the “right” time.   Included areas are Data Collection and Analysis, Forecasting Fundamentals, Calculating Center Staff, Scheduling Principles and Issues, Managing Service Level, Attendance, Adherence, Shrinkage, WFM Communications and the technology used for WFM.

Contact Quality Management - The course begins with the basics of the Quality Management Process and includes Building a Quality Management Program, Defining Contact Standards, Recording, Reviewing and Scoring Contacts (Calls, Emails, Chats, and Social Media), Calibration, Coaching, Customer Surveys, Analyzing Data and the technology used for QM.
Knowledge Management - The course starts with the basics of the Knowledge Management Process and includes Strategic Knowledge Management Perspectives, Knowledge Management and Your Business Culture, Knowledge Management Tools for capturing, evaluating, organizing, sharing, storing and presenting knowledge, Change Management within the Knowledge Management Process, and Knowledge Management Technology and Systems.

LCI can develop and conduct these training sessions or conduct “Train-the-Trainer” sessions with Clients internal training resources.