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Cathy W. Lauro

Give Your Organization and Employees Something to Remember!...

When you want to (1) Improve Performance, (2) Show Appreciation, or (3) Lighten the Mood, Ease Tension and Anxiety, and Provide Strategies to Deal With Life, you will find Cathy to be one of your greatest resources.

Cathy is dedicated to helping individuals reach their highest personal and professional potential by providing the tools needed to change the way they think, the way they feel, and what they do.

She is a charismatic motivational speaker and educator whose dynamic presentations are interactive, instructional, and inspirational. Cathy will not only make you think, she will touch your heart in a special way!

Contact Cathy W. Lauro at 813-727-9859 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Some of her most requested presentation topics are: 

  • Let Go, Lighten Up, & Get On With It TM

Enhance Personal and Professional Development. Reduce Negative Effects of Stress.
(1) What to let go and what to hold onto,
(2) How to lighten up--feel healthier and happier,
(3) How to get on with it--bringing your vision to reality and living more successfully.


  • Creating Success From the Inside Out

Delivers positive strategies for being your best self and living more deeply, joyfully and successfully!


  • Stress Management / Enhancing and Maintaining Wellness

 Defining and Recognizing Stress, Identifying Personal Stressors and Developing Coping Strategies.



What Others Are Saying About Cathy's Presentations:

"Your warmth and sincerity, as well as your enthusiasm and professionalism, make it easy to see that you have a passion for what you do. You gave us many practical techniques that can be put to use immediately. We were very satisfied with your presentation. Our telecast* was a success." --Dillard’s, Inc.

(*Stress Management Program: satellite telecast for Sales Managers in 250 stores nationwide)