Focused AppraisalSM

A Focused AppraisalSM facilitates the integration of technology, processes, and people to achieve the maximum impact for your Contact Center, Service Center, Call Center, Help Desk, Service Desk, and Shared Service Center organizations and customers. LCI's proven Focused Appraisal process is an efficient method to identify strengths and weaknesses through a high level review and analysis.

The scope of this appraisal can have a limited focus on one area, function or system or it can be more comprehensive and include several of the operating areas, functions or systems. A Focused AppraisalSM can usually be completed during a 5 to 10 business day engagement with 2 to 3 days on-site to minimize the cost impact to your organization.

We provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations based on our knowledge of best practices and extensive experience in customer service that will support improvements in your operations, service, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.  We identify next steps for addressing immediate problems and for achieving your stated goals.

We conduct a Focused AppraisalSM in specific areas of your operations:

  • Business Processes
  • Organizational Design
  • CRM
  • Workflow
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Training
  • Workforce Management
  • Quality Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Management and Reporting
  • Technology and Systems
  • Facilities
  • Customer Satisfaction and Surveys


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