While the book touches on the importance of contact center technology, it focuses on the management of the business processes that are critical to comprehend, manage and coordinate the activities and systems of the contact center (call center).

So why is this book of such a significant importance today?

In an industry that includes large numbers of contact centers and over 2 million employees, it is very important to a have well trained leadership focusing on the major contact center business processes to insure the success of these businesses, provide lucrative jobs for employees, and support their customers by delivering quality customer service.

According to an article by King White of the Site Selection Group (February 2015), his company estimated “that there is in excess of 2.2 million workers employed in more than 6,800 call center facilities across the U.S. This number excludes home-based call center agents and call centers with fewer than 25 employees.” And based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2015 Occupational Employment Statistics for Telephone Call Centers about 67% or almost 1.5 million employees in the call center industry work in or support inbound contact centers.

Mr. Lauro plans to have the first draft of the book completed by 2020 and the eBook published by later that year.

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